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b is for beautiful
r is for rad
a is for anything because
d means u look like your dad!

f is for friends who do stuff together
u is for you and me
n is for ne where at ne time at all down here in the deep blue seeea!!!!

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I think I saw Brad the other day in the parking lot of the Beaverton Office Depot. He's mentioned he gets coffee across the street from there, and he's mentioned that the Livejournal office is a few blocks from there... Could it be him? Maybe so.
Grey Spy

If I could, I would bake Brad Fitz a pie.

I am here because I love Brad. I believe that he is a wise and benevolent creator who knows what's best for the people. The people, aparrently, don't always know what's good for themselves because they think that making over 20 posts a day is acceptable behavior. They also think that whining about post limits instead of thanking Brad for the bounty he has given us is acceptable behavior. I am aghast.

I am glad that there is a place where we can express our solidarity with Brad and praise him for his doings. Thanks lara7 for telling me about this!